A Quick Four Step Process

Choose Main Package

Pick the Content Focus

Decide on Event Location

Contact Us For Pricing & Booking


The preferred package for either small party's or teams who are interested in experiencing VR. Explore is also suited to guests who are not very tech savvy and need more guidance.


The most popular and versatile package, Discover is the perfect balance between Explore and Vision. It works great for both private or business events.


This is the preferred package for corporate clients or very large private parties. It is structured to offer either longer experiences for medium sized groups or shorter more varied ones for large groups.

  • 2 Hour Event
  • 3 VR Event Hosts
  • 2 VR Stations
  • 4 Hour Event
  • 4 VR Event Hosts
  • 3 VR Stations
  • 6 Hour Event
  • 6 VR Event Hosts
  • 4 VR Stations

Focus - Teams

Team, focused events are centered around cooperative/multiplayer games and experience. They work great for team building activities and some content even involves people who are not using VR, such as Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes or Fantastic Contraption & Tiltbrush.

Focus - Just For Fun

Just For Fun, is all about having an amazing time. This package works great either for team play or single player. It is the suggested content selection for birthdays, weddings or just friends looking to have a great time with Virtual Reality.

  • Explore
  • Audioshield
  • Job Simulator
  • Space Pirate Training
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Final Approach

Focus - Variety

Variety, offers the widest array and number of VR content. They work great for larger groups or guests who are tech savoy and can easily adapt to new virtual worlds and controls. Most of the content will be single player so that people can cycle though different experiences.

  • Trials on Tatooine
  • theBlu
  • Wake Up
  • Waltz of the Wizard
  • Pierhead Arcade
  • Ping Pong Waves
  • Colosse
  • Rec Room

Your Location

Our VR events are designed to be deployed anywhere. Our team will come to your office or desired location and setup the equipment there. It typically takes 30 minutes for everything to get setup & does not count towards your event time. The only limitation is the space available in your premises. We advise that you have a minimum of 10' x 10' of open free space per VR Station.

Our Location

We can host at our downtown location in the event room at 25 Capreol Crt. or we can book for you with any of the premiere event spaces in Toronto. The maximum number of guests available at one time at our downtown location is 50 people. There is an additional cost of $200 for booking Explore or Discover events in our location. There is no additional charge for hosting Vision events.